Site Transport Safety For Operatives

In Section D: High risk activities of the core knowledge questions you will need to know about Site Transport Safety. So we have put together a set of 24 mock test questions on the topic.

You will need to have a good understanding of all these questions below as you will face some of these in your real CSCS Test. Please take your time and read the questions and answers fully. There is no time limit on this mock test and you can take it as many times as you want.

After you have finished the questions you will be able to see your results, and see which you got correct or wrong. Make sure you revise these fully before taking and booking your CSCS Exam.

Site Transport Safety Questions

1. You need to walk past a 360° mobile crane. The crane is operating near a wall. What is the main danger?

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2. An excavator has just stopped work. Liquid is dripping and forming a small pool under the back of the machine. What could this mean?

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3. You must not walk behind a lorry when it is reversing because:

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4. When is site transport allowed to drive along a pedestrian route?

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5. You see a driver refuelling an excavator. Most of the diesel is spilling onto the ground. What is the first thing you should do?

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6. A site vehicle is most likely to injure pedestrians when it is:

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7. The quickest way to your work area is through a contractor’s vehicle compound Which way should you go?

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8. Your supervisor asks you to drive a dumper truck. You have never driven one before. What should you do?

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9. What are the TWO conditions for being able to operate plant on site?

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10. How would you expect a well-organised site to keep pedestrians away from traffic routes?

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11. You think some mobile plant is operating too close to where you have to work. What should you do first?

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12. A mobile plant operator can let people ride in or on the machine:

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13. You see a lorry parking. It has a flat tyre. Why should you tell the driver?

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14. A lorry is in trouble as it tries to reverse into a tight space. You have not been trained as a signaller. What should you do?

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15. You are walking across the site. A large mobile crane reverses across your path. What should you do?

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16. You see a mobile crane lifting a load. The load is about to hit something. What should you do?

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17. What do you need before you can supervise any lift using a crane?

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18. Which of these would you NOT expect to see if site transport is well organised?

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19. You need to walk past someone using a mobile crane. You should:

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20. You think a load is about to fall from a moving fork-lift truck. What should you do?

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21. If you see a dumper being driven too fast you should:

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22. When you walk across the site, what is the best way to avoid an accident with mobile plant?

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23. A fork-lift truck is blocking the way to where you want to go on site. It is lifting materials onto a scaffold. What should you do?

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24. How would you expect to be told about the site traffic rules?

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