CSCS Health and Welfare Mock Test For Operatives

Looking out for the health and welfare of yourself and others on a construction site is very important. It is key knowledge in working safely on site and obtaining your CSCS card.

Here are 20 questions that you might face in your exam that you will need to know. All the questions are multiple-choice and you do not have a time limit to finish these questions here. So take your time and revise well. Good Luck!

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Health and Welfare Questions

1. Which of the following species of animal is the most likely carrier of Weil's disease (leptospirosis) on construction sites?

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2. Exposure to engine oil and other mineral oils can cause:

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3. You should not use white spirit or other solvents to clean your hands because they:

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4. You should only clean very dirty hands with:

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5. You are more likely to catch Weil’s disease (leptospirosis) if you:

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6. Direct sunlight on bare skin can cause:

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7. It is your first day on site You find that there is nowhere to wash your hands What should you do?

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8. You can get occupational dermatitis from:

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9. What sort of rest area should your employer provide on site?

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10. Your doctor has given you some medication Which of these s is the most important?

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11. Someone goes to the pub at lunchtime and has a couple of pints of beer What should they do next?

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12. You should not just rely on barrier cream to protect your skin from harmful substances because:

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13. You can catch an infection called tetanus from contaminated land or water How does it get into your body?

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14. To help keep rats away, everyone on site should:

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15. If you get a hazardous substance on your hands, it can pass from your hands to your mouth when you eat Give TWO ways to stop this

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16. Look at these statements about illegal drugs in the workplace Which one is true in relation to site work?

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17. If you use skin barrier cream you should apply it:

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18. What is the legal minimum that should be provided on site for washing your hands?

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19. The toilets on your site are always dirty or do not flush What should you do?

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20. The early signs of Weil's disease (leptospirosis) can be easily confused with:

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