CSCS Working At Heights Mock Test

If you want to work on a construction site and gain your CSCS card then you will need to have a good knowledge about working at heights to be safe.

In this cscs mock test, we have provided the latest 26 questions you might be asked when sitting your CSCS Test. These cover all the questions about working at heights that you might be asked during your test.

There is no pass mark on this mini test, so please keeping using it until you know all of the questions from memory. Good Luck!

CSCS Working at Heights Test Questions

1. A mobile tower scaffold must NOT be used on:

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2. A scaffold guard-rail must be removed to allow you to carry out a survey. You are not a scaffolder. Can you remove the guard-rail?

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3. Which type of accident kills most construction workers?

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4. Who should check a ladder before it is used?

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5. When using a ladder what should the slope or angle of the ladder be?

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6. What is the best way to make sure that a ladder is secure and won't slip?

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7. A ladder should not be painted because:

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8. What is the best way to stop people falling through voids, holes or fragile roof panels?

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9. You are working on a flat roof. What is the best way to stop yourself falling over the edge?

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10. When working in a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) where should you attach your harnesses lanyard?

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11. It is safe to cross a fragile roof if you:

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12. When could you use a ladder as a place of work?

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13. Who should erect, dismantle or alter a tube and fitting scaffold?

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14. What does this sign mean?Fragile roof

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15. Working at height is:

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16. Which of the following is NOT true when using podium steps?

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17. When you climb a ladder you must:

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18. Tools and materials can easily fall from a scaffold platform. What is the best way to protect the people below?

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19. You need to use a ladder to get to a scaffold platform. Which of these statements is true?

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20. How many people should be on a ladder at the same time?

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21. You need to use a mobile tower scaffold. The wheel brakes do not work. What should you do?

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22. You find a ladder that is damaged. What should you do?

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23. You need to stack materials on a working platform. What is the best way to stop them falling over the toe-board?

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24. You need to reach the working platform of a mobile tower scaffold. What is the right way to do this?

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25. If you have to work at height over or near to deep water, which following item of personal protective equipment (PPE) must you be wearing?

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26. If you store materials on a working platform, which statement is correct?

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