CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course Mock Test

You will need to prepare yourself for a health and safety awareness course by completing this mock assessment. There are some questions here that will appear in the actual assessment but these are simply there to help you get used to the format.

I am going to give you some hints about this test. First, there are two types of questions – easy and hard.

Easy ones are worth 1 point each, while hard ones are worth 2 points each.

There are 25 questions in total. 20 are worth 1 point and the other 5 are worth 2 points. You will need to score at least 25 points out of 30 to pass.

There is no pass mark on this mini-test, so please keep using it until you know all of the questions from memory. Good Luck! Click here if you would like to site a full 50 question simulation CSCS Mock Test.

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CITB Health and Safety Awareness Course Mock Test Questions

1. What should you do if you notice damage to your harness while carrying out pre-use checks? (2 Points)
2. What should be placed under any piece of equipment that could leak oil, petrol etc that could be harmful to the environment?
3. Which of the following is NOT correct regarding safety helmets?
4. Which type of fire is a foam fire extinguisher designed to be used on?
5. Which one of the following is correct regarding guarding on tools and equipment?
6. Which one of the following offers the best protection against a hazard?
7. Safety signs that are round, blue in colour with a white pictogram are what type of sign?
8. Why are vehicles more likely to injure pedestrians when reversing? (2 Points)
9. What is the most favoured option when it comes to waste control?
10. Which one of the following is most likely to cause occupational asthma?
11. Which one of the following signs shows that the contents of a container are hazardous to the environment?
12. Why is 110-volt equipment on site safer than 240-volt?
13. What is the first sign of a potential health issue when using vibrating work equipment?
14. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is most likely to result from which of the following?
15. The accident book is used to keep records of?
16. What does it mean when a prohibition notice is issued by the HSE to close your site? (2 Points)
17. What information should be included in a site induction?
18. How should a fuel spillage on site be dealt with?
19. How should ladders be secured? (2 Points)
20. Operating a tool that hammers, drills percussions, or rotates can expose a worker to which of the following hazards?
21. Who can operate mobile plant on site?
22. Inspection chambers should be regard as, which of the following?
23. What must be in place before any work can take place in a confined space? (2 Points)
24. Which one of the following is most likely to contain asbestos?
25. Which one of the following health conditions is known to affect the respiratory system? depends on the generosity of its readers. We love providing Free mock tests to you, but if you value what we do, please consider making a donation. It helps us keep the site running.

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