CSCS Mock Test – Safety Signs and Signals For Operatives

Understanding Safety signs and signals on the construction site is very important in keeping yourself and others safe.

In Section C: Safety of the core CSCS test knowledge questions you will need to know what all the signs mean and what the are informing you of. We have created this mock exam with 24 questions to help you revise on all of the different types of signs you may see.

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Safety Signs and Signals Questions

1. What does this sign mean?Safety gloves must be worn

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2. A crane has to do a difficult lift. The signaller asks you to help, but you are not trained in plant signals. What should you do?

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3. What does this sign mean?Risk of electrocution

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4. Yellow and black signs are:warning signs

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5. What does this sign mean?Hi vis clothing must be worn

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6. What does this sign mean?You must wear safety eye protection

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7. What does this sign mean?Fire alarm call point

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8. What does this sign mean?Fire extinguishers and fire-fighting equipment kept here

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9. Green and white signs are:safe condition signs – giving you information

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10. What does this sign mean?There is no escape route

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11. What does this sign mean?Emergency first aid shower

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12. What does this sign mean?It tells you where to assemble in case of an

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13. What does this sign mean?No smoking

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14. A truck has to tip materials into a trench. Who should give signals to the truck driver?

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15. What does this sign mean?Warning – laser beams

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16. Blue and white signs are:mandatory signs – meaning you MUST do

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17. Round red and white signs with a diagonal line are:prohibition signs – meaning you MUST NOT

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18. What does this sign mean?You must wear hearing protection

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19. What does this sign mean?Fire hose reel located here

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20. What does this sign mean?Warning – substance or contents are

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21. What does this sign mean?No pedestrians or entry for people on foot

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22. What does this sign mean?Industrial vehicles are moving about

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23. What does this sign mean?Do not access the scaffold because it is

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24. What does this sign mean?Safety boots or safety shoes must be worn

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