Personal Protective Equipment Questions for Operatives

The mock test questions below will cover all the questions related to Personal Protective Equipment, these are core knowledge questions you will have to answer in your operatives exam. There are a total of 25 questions in this exam below. If you would like to practice a full 50 question CSCS mock test click here.

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Personal Protective Equipment Questions

1. If there is a risk of materials flying into your eyes, you should wear:

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2. What type of eye protection do you need to wear if you are using a cartridge-operated tool or compressed gas tool (nail gun)?

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3. To get the maximum protection from your safety helmet you should wear it:

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4. If your (PPE) gets damaged you should:

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5. Do you have to pay for any personal protective equipment (PPE) you need?

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6. Your employer must supply you with personal protective equipment (PPE):

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7. Safety footwear with a protective mid-sole will protect you against:

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8. You need to use a grinder, cut-off saw, cartridge tool or nail gun What type of eye protection will you need?

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9. You have been given disposable earplugs to use, but they keep falling out What should you do?

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10. You need to wear a full body harness You have never used one before What should you do?

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11. Look at these statements about personal protective equipment (PPE) Which one is NOT true?

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12. You need to handle a hazardous substance You should wear the correct gloves to help stop:

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13. Who should provide you with any personal protective equipment (PPE) you need, including the means to maintain it?

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14. You have to work outdoors in bad weather Your employer should supply you with correctly fitting waterproof clothing because:

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15. Look at these statements about wearing a safety helmet in hot weather Which one is true?

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16. You are about to start a job How will you know if you need any extra personal protective equipment (PPE)?

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17. If you drop your safety helmet from height onto a hard surface, you should:

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18. When should you wear safety footwear on site?

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19. Look at these statements about using power tools while wearing gloves Which one is false?

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20. When do you need to wear eye protection?

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21. Do all types of glove protect hands against chemicals?

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22. You must wear head protection on site at all times unless you are:

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