Manual Handling for Managers and Professionals

Welcome to this free mock on Manual handling for managers and professionals. We have created a set of questions on this subject to help you pass your CSCS Test for the Managers and Professionals card this subject is part of the core knowledge questions.

If you want to work on a construction site then you will need to have good knowledge about this subject as you will be asked questions on them in the real exam.

In this mock test, we have provided the latest 11 questions you might be asked when sitting your real CSCS Test. In order to pass your managers and professionals test, you will need to score at least 46 out of 50 correct answers in 45 minutes.

There is no pass mark on this mini-test, so please keep using it until you know all of the questions from memory. Good Luck! Click here if you would like to site a full 50 question simulation Managers and Professionals mock test.

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Manual Handling for Managers and Professionals Questions

1. If someone has to move a load while they are sitting down, how much can they move safely?

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2. If manual lifting activities are part of a task, what must be carried out?

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3. What does it mean if lifting and placing a particular load forces a worker to have to twist or turn their body?

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4. What must all workers do under the regulations for manual handling?

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5. What should you do if your workforce are lifting loads heavier than those recommended in the risk assessment?

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6. Manual handling assessment involves four main areas. What are they?

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7. You are in charge of a gang of workers who are about to start on a new site. What can you do to help minimise manual handling?

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8. A worker needs to carry out a task that involves manual handling of survey equipment in and out of vehicles. An old injury means that the worker has a weak back. What should you do?

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9. A worker is using a wheelbarrow to move a heavy load. Is this manual handling?

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10. A worker has been asked to move a load that might be too heavy for them. They cannot divide it into smaller parts and there is no-one to help them. What should you do?

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11. If a heavy load has been delivered to site, what is the first thing that should be considered?

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