Managers and Professionals CSCS Mock Test 2

Welcome to this Managers and Professionals CSCS Mock test. This is a full 50 question exam, you will get 50 random questions pulled from a bank of over 450!

If you want to work on a construction site and gain your black card, then you will need to have a good understanding of these questions as you will be asked questions on them in the real exam.

In this mock test, we have provided the latest 50 questions you might be asked when sitting your real CSCS Test. In order to pass your managers and professionals test, you will need to score at least 46 out of 50 correct answers in 45 minutes.

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Managers and Professionals CSCS Mock Test 2 Questions

1. Why do most electrical accidents occur? Identify two reasons.
2. What does it mean if someone has a ringing sound in their ears after working with noisy equipment?
3. A. Which of these statements about personal protective equipment (PPE) is not true?
4. How does tetanus (an infection you can catch from contaminated land or water) get into your body?
5. The easiest way to the place you want to be on site is through a contractor’s vehicle compound. Which route should you take?
6. Which of these statements about work at height is true?
7. Which of the following has the highest priority under the hierarchy of control?
8. For safety reasons how should you store or use liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders used for heating the site cabin?
9. What should be obtained before safely carrying out the demolition cutting of fuel tanks?
10. Where are you most likely to come across asbestos?
11. As part of a site survey you are required to work in a confined space. How should the air be checked?
12. How should site-based staff and visitors be informed of the location of first-aid facilities on site?
13. A worker has been asked to move a load that might be too heavy for them. They cannot divide it into smaller parts and there is no-one to help them. What should you do?
14. Which of the following makes it essential for contractors to take great care when handling oxygen cylinders?
15. Why is it dangerous to use inflatable airbags for fall arrest that are too big for the area to be protected?
16. What should workers do if they have been given a dust mask to protect them against hazardous fumes?
17. What are two common fire risks on construction sites?
18. Which of the following, by itself, provides the best solution for reducing risks related to site transport and access?
19. What two main areas of visual inspection should be carried out before each use of a power tool?
20. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, which two of the following must you ensure workers have received before they start working on site?
21. Which two of the following will help to minimise dust from stockpiles of soil?
22. How will you know the maximum weight or number of people that can be lifted safely on a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP)?
23. When must employers supply personal protective equipment (PPE)?
24. How would you expect the topics for toolbox talks to be selected?
25. Which of the following represents good site management on the public road approaching a site?
26. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, under which of the following circumstances would a project become notifiable?
27. Do all types of glove protect hands against chemicals?
28. Under the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations, what is the minimum width of a working platform?
29. How should cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) be stored on site?
30. Which is the most important reason for keeping a working area on a construction site clean and tidy?
31. You are standing near a deep trench. A lorry backs up to the trench and the engine is left running. What should you do?
32. On visiting a site you noticed that it is next to a primary school. what is likely to be the most effective way of keeping children off construction sites?
33. Which of the following activities does not create harmful silica dust?
34. What should be your first action if you discover children playing on site?
35. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, what must contractors and designers check before they start work?
36. Work is planned that requires the use of a power tool to cut or grind materials. Select the two best ways to control the dust.
37. When is it most appropriate to use a safety harness and lanyard for working at height?
38. When should you wear safety footwear on site?
39. What does the word hazard mean?
40. When an employer’s first aid needs assessment indicates that a first aider is unnecessary, the minimum requirement is to ensure that there is an appointed person. Which of the following should an appointed person carry out?
41. When can male and female workers use the same toilet facilities on a construction site?
42. How do you identify the safe load rating for a scaffold platform?
43. What is the safest way to use a hazardous substance?
44. What is the best way to limit exposure to dust when using a power tool?
45. When are people, who are working on or visiting construction sites, most likely to have an accident?
46. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, what is one of the purposes of the health and safety file?
47. What should workers do if they find pigeon droppings and nests in an area where they are required to work?
48. What might happen if the level of oxygen drops below 8% in a confined space?
49. What should be your first consideration if you are required to undertake a survey in what you suspect might be a confined space?
50. You are about to carry out refurbishment works on a structure which was constructed after the introduction of the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. In which of the following areas are you most likely to find relevant information for the initial development of pre-construction information? depends on the generosity of its readers. We love providing Free mock tests to you, but if you value what we do, please consider making a donation. It helps us keep the site running.

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  1. Hey Guys
    Good revision material, couple of questions no right answer given. Answer needs to be displayed
    Knowing the answer and the computer saying no is a little confusing

  2. 50/50 I am happy.

    A very good mock exam and will help to ease your nerve on your test day

  3. Great test.

    Informs you as to what you need to revise on.
    But it would be nice to be able to try a couple more by a push of a button

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