General Responsibilities Questions For Operative

If you need to practice your General Responsibilities questions for the operative exam we have a mock test of 27 questions that you will need to know before sitting your exam.

All of these questions are ones that you will find in the real CSCS test.

1. The whole site has been issued with a prohibition notice What does this mean to you?

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2. A permit to work allows:

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3. Who should attend a site induction?

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4. Which of these is NOT your legal duty as a worker?

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5. Who is responsible for managing health and safety on construction sites?

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6. You find that you cannot do a job as the method statement says you should What do you do?

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7. As a worker you do NOT have a legal duty to:

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8. The Law (Health and Safety at Work Act) places legal duties on:

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9. What is the MAIN reason for attending a site induction?

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10. The work of another contractor is affecting your safety You should stop work and:

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11. You are about to start a job How will you know if it needs a permit to work?

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12. Which THREE of the following should be included in a method statement?

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13. You will often hear the word hazard mentioned What does it mean?

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14. You can help prevent accidents by:

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15. How would you expect to find out about site health and safety rules when you first arrive on site?

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16. Why is the Health and Safety at Work Act important to you? Give TWO answers

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17. During a site induction, which of the following TWO topics should be covered?

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18. What is a tool box talk?

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19. What is the most important reason for keeping your work area clean and tidy?

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20. Who is responsible for reporting any unsafe conditions on site?

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21. During site induction you do not understand something the presenter says What should you do?

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22. Now that work on site is moving forward, the safety rules given in your site induction seem out of date What should you do?

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23. You are using some equipment It has just been given a prohibition notice What does this mean?

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24. A risk assessment identifies:

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25. After watching you work, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector issues an improvement notice What does this mean?

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26. A near miss is an incident where:

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27. It is your employer's legal responsibility to discuss matters of health and safety with you because:

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