Emergency Procedures and First Aid for Operatives Questions

Need to brush up on your Emergency Procedures and First Aid for Operatives questions? You have come to the right place. In this exam there are 23 questions on this subject to help you pass and gain your CSCS Card.

In order to pass for CSCS test your will need to get at least 45/50 questions in your exam on a wide range of subjects. These mini exams are designed to test your knowledge on Emergency Procedures and First Aid.

Emergency procedures and first aid Questions

1. Someone has got a nail in their foot You are not a first aider You must not pull out the nail because:

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2. How should you be informed about what to do in an emergency? Give TWO answers

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3. If you want to be a first aider, you should:

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4. You will find out about emergency assembly points from:

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5. A first-aid box should NOT contain:

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6. If someone gets some grit in their eye, the best thing you can do is:

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7. If you cut your finger and it won’t stop bleeding, you should:

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8. If there is an emergency while you are on site you should first:

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9. When would you expect eyewash bottles to be provided?

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10. The first-aid box on site is always empty What should you do?

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11. What does this sign mean?First aid

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12. Someone collapses with stomach pain and there is no first aider on site What should you do first?

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13. Does your employer have to provide a first-aid box?

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14. What is the first thing you should do if you find an injured person?

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15. If someone burns their hand the best thing you can do is:

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16. Someone has fallen from height and has no feeling in their legs You should:

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17. If someone is in contact with a live cable the best thing you can do is:

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18. Someone gets a large splinter in their hand It is deep under the skin and it hurts What should you do?

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19. Someone working in a deep manhole has collapsed What is the first thing you should do?

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20. What is the one thing a first aider CANNOT do for you?

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21. What does this sign mean? Emergency eyewash station

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22. If someone falls and is knocked unconscious, you should first:

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23. If you think someone has a broken leg you should:

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