CSCS Test Pass Mark

Whether you are taking the Operative CSCS Test, the Specialist CSCS Test, or the Managers and Professionals CSCS Test, each consists of 50 multiple choice knowledge questions covering a wide range of topics that can be categorized into 5 sections, with each section containing a total of 16 subjects.

The 5 sections that comprise the CSCS test are working environment, occupational health, safety, high risk activities, and specialist activities; however, you may be wondering what the pass mark is for each of the CSCS Tests.

Pass Mark for the Operative CSCS Test

The Operative CSCS Test is required for individuals explicitly applying for an Apprentice, Labourer, or Training CSCS card, as well as most skilled CSCS cards and the Advanced Craft CSCS card.

While the Operative CSCS Test contains a total of 50 multiple choice questions related to basic construction knowledge, the pass mark for this test is 45 out of the 50 questions correct.

As well as having a total of 45 correct answers, you will have to meet the minimum requirements for each knowledge section; for case studies, the pass mark is 3 correct answers as well as 10 out of 12 questions correct total, for each core knowledge section the pass mark is 1 correct answer as well as 32 out or 38 questions correct total.

Pass Mark for the Specialist CSCS Test

The Specialist CSCS Test includes the entire Operative CSCS Test as well as additional subjects and information relating to a specialized area such as supervision. This test is suited for individuals seeking a Supervisor CSCS card and certain skilled CSCS cards or Advanced Craft CSCS cards for a specific occupation.

The Specialist CSCS Test also contains 50 multiple choice questions related to both basic and specialized construction knowledge. This test’s pass mark is also 45 correct out of the 50 possible questions and meets the same knowledge section minimum requirements as the Operative CSCS Test. If you fail to meet the minimum requirements, or fail to correctly answer any question in one section, you will fail the CSCS Test.

Pass Mark for the Managers and Professionals CSCS Test

Just as the Specialist CSCS Test, the Managers and Professionals CSCS Test includes everything from the Operative CSCS Test and additional subject matter directly relating to construction management. This CSCS Test is required for those who are applying for a Management CSCS card, an Academically Qualified Person CSCS card, as well as a Professionally Qualified Person CSCS card.

While the Managers and Professionals CSCS Test is similarly structured to both the Operative and Specialist CSCS Test with a total of 50 multiple choice questions relating to basic construction knowledge as well as construction management knowledge, unlike the others, the pass mark for the Managers and Professionals CSCS Test is 46 correct out the 50 total questions.

This CSCS test also has the same minimum requirements for knowledge sections as the Operative and Specialist CSCS tests, but include the additional knowledge sections of Construction Design and Management, Demolition, and Highway Works.

While the CSCS card you are applying for may vary, as well as the test requirements associated with it, having this basic understanding of each CSCS Test’s pass mark will ensure you are more prepared for the test and have a greater chance of passing.

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