CSCS Mock Test For Managers and Professionals

Welcome to our Free CSCS Mock Test For Managers and Professionals. If you are working on a construction site in a managerial role you will have to take this test to get hold of your card, for example, the Black Managers card and the Academically or Professionally Qualified person cards.

We have included a wide range of questions in this test, there are over 150 questions selected at random to provide you with a 50 question mock test. So please take this a few times so you can view the different questions and answers.

The managers and professionals CSCS is the same length as the CSCS test for Operatives, it is 45 minutes long but you will need to score at least 46 out of 50 to pass the exam. There is a larger bank of questions to revise and 3 extra categories to learn:

CSCS Mock Test for Managers and Professionals

You have 45 mins to answer all the 50 questions and score at least 46 correct in the multiple-choice CSCS Mock Test For Managers and Professionals.

If you want to try out all 450 questions click here for the full bank of questions.

1. If manual lifting activities are part of a task, what must be carried out?
2. Historically which type of accident kills the most construction workers?
3. In the colour coding of electrical power supplies on site, what voltage does a blue plug represent?
4. Can the damage by exposure to noise over a long period of time be reversed?
5. Why is over exposure to vibratory tools and equipment a serious issue?
6. If a single vehicle is carrying out mobile highway works during the day, what must be clearly displayed on or at the rear of the vehicle
7. What features should you be looking for when obtaining safety footwear for a site visit?
8. If you find bats on site, which of the following statements is true?
9. What might happen if the level of oxygen drops below 8% in a confined space?
10. If you suspect someone has been drinking alcohol, what should you do?
11. While on site you observe that there is a risk of materials flying at speed into site workers’ eyes. What should they be wearing to protect themselves?
12. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, what must contractors and designers check before they start work?
13. In accordance with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, under normal circumstances, what written information must a principal contractor make available to workers or their representatives upon request?
14. What are two recommended ways to protect your hearing?
15. What action is required when a highways vehicle fitted with a direction arrow is travelling from site to site?
16. What must you remember if you need to wear hearing protection?
17. When a contractor is assessing the risk of using a substance they believe to be hazardous, what should they do first?
18. Do those in charge of sites have to provide a first-aid kit?
19. What duty of care documentation should you use for hazardous waste leaving your site?
20. The easiest way to the place you want to be on site is through a contractor’s vehicle compound. Which route should you take?
21. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, when there is only one contractor working on a project, who must take the general principles of prevention into account?
22. Where are workers likely to breathe in the highest quantities of dust when drilling, cutting, sanding or grinding?
23. Which of the following does not help save energy and resources on site?
24. Which of these is the least likely to cause skin problems?
25. What should the site manager do to increase the safety of private motorists if transport leaving site is likely to deposit mud on the public road?
26. What should you do if a worker needs to wear ear defenders but an ear pad is missing from one of the shells?
27. And considering what measures to take to protect workers against risks to their health and safety, when should personal protective equipment be considered?
28. How should workers find out what to do if they are injured on site?
29. What is the first thing you should do if you are in a deep trench and you start to feel dizzy?
30. Which of these is not a hazard in a confined space?
31. What does a fire need to burn, in addition to heat and fuel?
32. Which of the following is true in relation to the safe working load of lifting equipment, such as a cherry picker, lorry loader or excavator?
33. What is the most common source of high levels of lead in the atmosphere during demolition work of on old building?
34. Under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, who must plan, manage and monitor health and safety during the construction phase on projects with more than one contractor?
35. What does a risk assessment tell you?
36. What is the safest way to use a hazardous substance?
37. Which of the following statements about recording accidents is true?
38. When kerbing works are being carried out, how should kerbs be taken off the vehicle?
39. Which of these does not have to be recorded in the accident book?
40. A worker has been asked to move a load that might be too heavy for them. They cannot divide it into smaller parts and there is no-one to help them. What should you do?
41. What must workers ensure when using water to keep dust down when cutting?
42. Why is it important to be clean shaven if using a half-mask respirator?
43. What does this sign mean?P005 Not drinking water
44. Which of these is the most accurate way to confirm the exact location of buried services?
45. You need to walk past a 360° mobile crane. The crane is operating near a wall. What is the main danger?
46. What should a worker do if the water they are using to control dust runs out?
47. What are blue and white signs?M001 General mandatory action sign
48. What illness might a worker develop if they breathe in asbestos dust?
49. What can cause occupational asthma?
50. What does this sign mean?P010 Do not touch depends on the generosity of its readers. We love providing Free mock tests to you, but if you value what we do, please consider making a donation. It helps us keep the site running.

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  1. I checked with the official app. The answer to this question is wrong:
    Which two of these activities are likely to need a hot-work permit?

    The correct answer shouldn't include:
    "Refuelling a diesel dump truck"

    1. Hi Dyl

      Thanks for the heads up, you are completely right! Not sure how this got mixed up on the results, but thank you for letting us know. This has now been corrected

  2. Excellent mock test. It helped to emphasize the importance of reading the question

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