CSCS Mock Test for Labourers

Welcome to this free mock for labourers. We have created a set of questions on this subject to help you pass your CSCS Test for a green card, and these questions are all part of the core knowledge questions.

If you want to work on a construction site as a labourer, then you will need to have a good understanding of these subjects as you will be asked questions on them in the real exam.

In this mock test, we have provided the latest 50 questions you might be asked when sitting your real CSCS Test. In order to pass your green card test, you will need to score at least 45 out of 50 correct answers in 45 minutes.

There is no pass mark on this mini-test, so please keep using it until you know all of the questions from memory. Good Luck! Click here if you would like to site a full 50 question simulation health and safety mock test.

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CSCS Mock Test for Labourers Questions

1. What is the main reason for having a person positioned immediately outside a confined space whilst work is taking place inside it?
2. Under the regulations for manual handling , all workers must:
3. A lorry is in trouble as it tries to reverse into a tight space. You have not been trained as a signaller. What should you do?
4. Why should different types of waste be separated on site?
5. You see a driver refuelling an excavator. Most of the diesel is spilling onto the ground. What is the first thing you should do?
6. If someone burns their hand the best thing you can do is:
7. If you see either of these labels on a substance what should you do?flammable
8. You need to use a power tool to cut or grind materials. Give TWO ways to control the dust from getting into the air.
9. It is safe to cross a fragile roof if you:
10. What does this sign mean?Risk of electrocution
11. Occupational asthma can stop you working again with certain substances. It is caused by:
12. You need to use a hazardous substance Who should explain the health risks and safe method of work you need to follow (the COSHH assessment) before you start?
13. You need to stack materials on a working platform. What is the best way to stop them falling over the toe-board?
14. When must you record an accident in the accident book?
15. You will often hear the word hazard mentioned What does it mean?
16. You think the noise at work may have damaged your hearing What should you do?
17. What does this sign mean?Safety boots or safety shoes must be worn
18. Wet cement, mortar and concrete is hazardous to your health as it causes:
19. Who should erect, dismantle or alter a tube and fitting scaffold?
20. Who should provide you with any personal protective equipment (PPE) you need, including the means to maintain it?
21. Which of the following does NOT help sustainability on site?
22. The safest way to use a hazardous substance is to:
23. You have to move a load that might be too heavy for you. You cannot divide it into smaller parts and there is no-one to help you. What should you do?
24. You have been told how to lift a heavy load, but you think there is a better way to do it. What should you do?
25. If you discover a fire, the first thing you should do is:
26. Generally speaking how long can you use the same disposable mask for?
27. When using a ladder what should the slope or angle of the ladder be?
28. When you climb a ladder you must:
29. You find an unmarked container that you think might contain chemicals What is the first thing you should do?
30. If an extension cable has a cut in its outer cover, you should:
31. What does this sign mean?Fragile roof
32. You must wear head protection on site at all times unless you are:
33. After working with noisy equipment you have a ‘ringing’ sound in your ears What does this mean?
34. A mobile plant operator can let people ride in or on the machine:
35. A fire needs heat, fuel and:
36. How can noise affect your health? Give TWO answers
37. You must be fully trained before you use a cartridge-operated tool Why?
38. You are using a wheelbarrow to move a heavy load. Is this ?
39. Round red and white signs with a diagonal line are:prohibition signs – meaning you MUST NOT
40. You need to lift a load from the floor. You should stand with your:
41. What does this sign mean?Emergency first aid shower
42. If you want to be a first aider, you should:
43. You see a mobile crane lifting a load. The load is about to hit something. What should you do?
44. Under Environmental Law, which statement is true?
45. The whole site has been issued with a prohibition notice What does this mean to you?
46. A mobile tower scaffold must NOT be used on:
47. Which of these is most likely to cause vibration white finger?
48. If you see 'frost' around the valve on a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder, it means:
49. What is the best way to stop people falling through voids, holes or fragile roof panels?
50. When digging, you hit and damage a buried cable. What should you do? depends on the generosity of its readers. We love providing Free mock tests to you, but if you value what we do, please consider making a donation. It helps us keep the site running.

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