Renew a CSCS Card – Renewal Information

While the length of time a CSCS card is valid will vary depending on the type of card you possess, most of the CSCS cards can be renewed after they expire. However, re are others that cannot, and can be further categorized into temporary cards and non-renewable cards, which are detailed below.

Renewable CSCS Cards

These CSCS cards are valid for a period of 5 years and, if you require the same card, can be renewed 6 months before or after the expiration date, however, if your skill level has changed, you will be required to provide proof of the qualifications you have acquired for the new CSCS card you need.

Advanced Craft Card

In order to renew an Advanced Craft CSCS card, you must provide proof of either a Construction Related Level 3 SVQ or NVQ, completion of an indentured apprenticeship, or completion of an apprenticeship that resulted in the achievement of an Advanced Craft Certificate through the City and Guilds of London Institute (CGLI). If your CITB certification is still valid, you will not have to retake the CSCS Test in order to renew this card.

Skilled Worker Card

To renew a Skilled Worker CSCS card, you will be required to provide proof of either the completion of an Employer-sponsored apprenticeship, CGLI Craft Certificate, or Construction Related Level 2 S/NVQ, as well as completing a CSCS Test if your CITB certification has expired. Suppose you have the experience but lack these qualifications, and are registered to take a qualifying S/NVQ for this card. In that case, you may qualify to apply for an Experienced Worker CSCS card, which will be covered later in the temporary CSCS cards section.

Supervisory Card

Supervisory CSCS cards are available for renewal if you are able to provide proof of the completion of a Level 3 or Level 4 Supervisory/Technical Construction Related S/NVQ, or a Level 3 Occupational Work Supervision S/NVQ, which requires an endorsed occupation qualification noted in the S/NVQ. If you choose to use the Level 3 OWS S/NVQ to renew this card, you will be required to reapply due to the requirements of the endorsed occupation.

Manager Card

Renewing a Manages CSCS card you will be required to provide evidence of the completion of a Level 5, Level 6, or Level 7 Construction Management/Technical S/NVQ, a Level 4 Construction Management/Technical SVQ, or you must hold a pre-existing Level 4 Construction Management NVQ, as well as take the biannual CITB certification test.

Temporary CSCS Cards

Temporary cards have varying expiration dates, cannot be renewed, and the training associating with each card must be completed prior to the expiration date to apply for a skilled CSCS card.

Apprentice Card

Apprentice CSCS cards are available for those who have started a recognized framework apprenticeship and are valid for 4 years and 6 months. These cardholders’ apprenticeship should be completed within this timeframe in order to apply for a different CSCS card, and if not, must reapply.

Experience Technical, Supervisor, or Manager Card

This CSCS card is valid for 3 years and is available to supervisors, managers, and technical workers who have at least one year of OTJ experience, are not a member of an approved apprenticeship or organization required for a skilled CSCS card, and are registered to complete a Level 3 or higher Construction Related S/NVQ. The S/NVQ must be completed before the expiration date in order to qualify for a skilled CSCS card.

Experienced Worker Card

As previously mentioned, Experienced Worker CSCS cards are available to those registered to complete a Level 2 or higher Construction Related S/NVQ required for a Skilled Worker CSCS card. This card is valid for a total of 1 year, at which by this point the qualification must be completed in order to apply for a Skilled Worker CSCS or another applicable card. If your CITB certification is still valid at this time, you will not have to retake the CSCS Test in order to apply for a new CSCS card.

Trainee Card

Trainee cards are valid for 5 years and are available to those that are registered to completed any Construction Related S/NVQ required as a qualification for any skilled CSCS card. During this time the applicable qualification must be completed for a skilled CSCS card.

Non-renewable CSCS Cards

Each of these skilled CSCS cards is valid for 5 years as well, but due to a change in CSCS requirements, must be reapplied for, in order to update the card with your current qualifications.

Labourer Card

There are many acceptable qualifications for a Labourer CSCS card, such as a Level 4 SCQF or Level 1 RQF Construction Environment Award for Health and Safety, a Level 5 SCQF Elementary Health and Safety certificate, or any of the approved CSCS qualifications found here. The number of various qualifications requires the Labourer CSCS card to be reapplied for after the expiration date to update your card with your most current qualifications.

Academically Qualified Person Card

This CSCS card is available to those who have completed an approved construction-related degree, and due to a new process enacted by CSCS, the title of the degree or qualification will be displayed on the backside of the card and must be properly updated when the card expires.

Professionally Qualified Person Card

Professionally Qualified Person CSCS cards are available to those who are a member of any of the approved professional organizations, found here. Due to changes in membership or skill level, cardholders are required to reapply for this CSCS card in order to properly update their professional status and skills.

While the renewal requirements for each CSCS card may vary, with the information we have provided, you will have a better understanding of how to renew your specific CSCS card or what will be required when you will need to reapply for your current CSCS card or apply for a new skilled CSCS card of your choosing.

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