Accident Reporting and Recording for Managers and Professionals

Welcome to this free mock to on Accident reporting and recording for managers and professionals. We have created a set of questions on this subject to help you pass your CSCS Test for the Managers and Professionals card this subject is part of the core knowledge questions.

If you want to work on a construction site then you will need to have good knowledge about this subject as you will be asked questions on them in the real exam.

In this mock test, we have provided the latest 20 questions you might be asked when sitting your real CSCS Test. In order to pass your managers and professionals test you will need to score at least 46 out of 50 correct answers in 45 minutes.

There is no pass mark on this mini-test, so please keep using it until you know all of the questions from memory. Good Luck! Click here if you would like to site a full 50 question simulation Managers and Professionals mock test.

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Accident Reporting and Recording for Managers and Professionals Questions

1. What is a near miss?

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2. When must you record an accident in the accident book?

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3. If your daughter says you that you contracted Weil's disease on-site, why do you need to tell employer?

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4. A member of the public has been injured by work activities and taken to hospital for treatment. What should happen next?

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5. How can you help to prevent accidents?

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6. Who must be legally notified of a death, specified injury, dangerous occurrence or over 7-day injury on a site?

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7. Which of the following statements about recording accidents is true?

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8. If you have a minor accident, who is responsible for making sure it is report it?

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9. A scaffold has collapsed and you saw it happen. What should you say when you are asked about the accident?

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10. While on site you'll see a contractor working in a way that presents and a danger to yourself and others around you. What should you do immediately?

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11. Which of the following is the least important reason for recording all accidents?

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12. When are people, who are working on or visiting construction sites, most likely to have an accident?

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13. Historically which type of accident kills the most construction workers?

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14. Which is the most important reason for keeping a working area on a construction site clean and tidy?

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15. Why is it important for all workers to attend site induction?

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16. Which of these does not have to be recorded in the accident book?

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17. An excavator on site has overturned but no one was injured. What must have a next?

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18. Why is it important to report near miss incident on site?

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19. If someone is injured at work, who should record it in the accident book?

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20. You when leaving a site you have been visiting you noticed that a contractor is working in an unsafe manner. What should you do?

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